Issue & Crisis Management

Ron excels at creating and executing public relations, issues management and crisis communications/crisis management strategies and plans.

With the world changing at the speed of the web, all communication strategies and plans must be flexible, must be executed quickly yet deliberately and must consider specific situations and specific target audiences.

We provide counsel and services in the proven tradition of the finest military units. We:

  • Relish the toughest challenges.
  • Go in early-on if possible, and always engage first.
  • Stay undercover.
  • Tap the fewest resources and the most creativity possible.
  • Evaluate quickly and fine-tune details to reflect the current, probably changing, situation.
  • Communicate judiciously up and down the line, always briefing our clients, their legal counsel and their governmental affairs counsel and always securing client approvals as appropriate.
  • Execute deliberately and professionally.
  • Move the line forward, even if expecting other support.
  • Depart quickly.

"In preparing for battle
I have always found that plans are useless
but planning is indispensable."
-- Dwight D. Eisenhower